Tubodyne Company was founded by N. Douglas MacLeod, Jr. in 1969 as on offshoot of his machine tool building company which made tube benders, tube coiling machines, and tube straighteners.  He had understudied machining and the ins & outs of the machine tool industry from his father who had also owned an East Providence based business for many years.  After selling the machine tool company, “Doug” concentrated on growing this company by expanding the industries served from the then thriving costume jewelry sector into furniture, hvac, medical, high technology, and aerospace industries among others.

Two of his five children subsequently joined the business, daughter, Jeanie, in 1980 and daughter, Laurie, in 1982. After many years of teaching the business to his daughters, Doug began giving them more and more control of it until he named Jeanie as President in 1994 and Laurie as Vice President in 2004. He was also pleased to have one of his granddaughters and a son-in-law involved in the company. Doug stayed on as Chairman of the Board of Directors and as a tool designer and consultant for the business until his death in 2008. We continually strive to honor his memory in the operation of this business.